Patterned tile is a wonderful way to add character and interest to a space! Get inspired with these beautiful spaces!

All About Patterned Tile

Let’s talk about this patterned tile trend for a moment shall we? I refer to it as a trend simply because within the past couple of years, it’s come back into modern style; however, mosaic and patterned tiles have been around for centuries.  

The use of cement tiles began in 1850. Yep, 1850! To this day, tile makers use metal molds to hand pour each tile, which is then pressed and pigmented. As you can imagine, no two tiles are identical. With this kind of uniqueness, it’s no surprise that the patterned tiles have stuck around for hundreds of years. 

 Great Resource for Terra Cotta Tiles - Tabarka Studios

Great Resource for Terra Cotta Tiles – Tabarka Studios

How I Plan to Use Patterned Tile

Some of you may already know, but Greg and I inherited our home from his grandparents. It was built in the 60’s, and boasts every imaginable mid-century feature you could think of. Pink tiles, linoleum, wood paneled walls, the list goes on. Unluckily for me – it doesn’t boast cement tile… Luckily for me, Greg and I plan on starting to remodel it this year!

I am incredibly grateful for the bones of our home – the only thing I truly wish we could change is the ceiling height, but other than that, we’ve got a great base to work with. However, I can’t. Wait. To rip that nasty linoleum up, and replace those icky pink tiles. 

Since our home represents a single period of time in design so well, it’s made me hyper-conscious of timeless interiors. As I begin dreaming up how we remodel our home, I constantly ask myself, “Will this look good in 15 years?”

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In general, the answer to that question is a big fat NO! Simply because styles are constantly evolving and changing. With that said, I am opting to select timeless style and design for the more expensive changes, and letting myself get a little trendy on things that will be easier (and cheaper) to update as time goes on. 

Our guest bathrooms will be the first items on our remodel list (one of them isn’t even functioning) and I am dying to use some cement or terracotta tiles! 

Get Inspired with These Spaces

Even though tile can be incredibly expensive, I think adding an accent wall or patterned back splash is a great way to implement this trend into your design. If you have your heart set on using cement tile as flooring, opt for a quiet pattern (or terracotta tiles) which will be more timeless than something that is say – black and white. 

Pulling the trigger on adding something like this into the home is a little scary, but here are 18 images that prove it doesn’t have to be!

o n e : West London Painting Group    t w o :  Source | Joe Schmelzer | Kishani Perera


o n e : Source | Barry Calhoun    t w o : Amber Inteiors | Tessa Neustadt

David Duncan Livingston | HSH Interiors

o n e : Source | Christopher Patey | Estee Stanley    t w o : Amber InteiorsTessa Neustadt

o n e :  Sophie Burke Design | Source   t w o : ardesia design

Amber Inteiors | Tessa Neustadt

o n e :  Source | Joe Schmelzer | Kishani Perera   t w o :  Amber Inteiors | Tessa Neustadt

o n e :  Ashley Winn Designs | Source   t w o : source

o n e :   Source | Sabra Lattos | Irene Lovett    t w o : Photo |  Claire Zinnecker Design | Source

 Source | Joe Schmelzer | Kishani Perera

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    1. Right? I am in love with all of them! Watch out – our house will turn into a kaleidoscope of tile lol.

  1. Such a beautiful post! Thanks for linking up to Link Party Palooza, your blog is beautiful! If you’re ever interested in blogging on let us know, we’d love to have you join our team!!!!

    1. Thanks so much (LOVE link party palooza)! Also, thanks so much for that offer, I will be in touch! ;)

  2. I love this Chloe! I’m wishing I could find a good reason to rip up some tile in my home, just so I could replace it with some sort of patterned tile. One day! I’m sharing this as one of my featured posts for the Your Home Decor & More Link Party. Thanks for linking up with us!!

    1. Thank you Iris!!!! That means so much to me : ) I am obsessed with the tile, and want to use it a lot, but I am nervous it’s going to be too trendy in about 5 years. Hopefully I can find some inexpensive options that I won’t feel bad about ripping up once it’s dated.

  3. I am loving the cement tile trend! I feel like if you do it right, stay within a neutral color/pattern scheme it can be timeless. I have to redo my bathroom someday and if I can find a classic cement tile that’s affordable I will incorporate it in the makeover! Thank you for sharing all the inspiring pictures!

  4. Oh, these are all so pretty, I don’t think I can pick a favorite! We just redid our master bath shower, and actually picked 2 patterned tiles for it! I love them!

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  6. Hi
    I cant figure out the information on the tile that is black and white on a wall with a fern in the background and two wood stools in front of it. Can you give me the info on it so I can find it? Thank you!

  7. What is more classic than a black and white tile bath? After stating that black and white might not be a good choice for patterned tile, you then shared several examples of the timelessness of black and white. In my Louisiana home, I am updating my bath in classic black and white as a nod to the beautiful baths in the luxury hotels of New Orleans in early 20th century. The patterned tile lends a more casual vibe to that look. Thanks for all your great ideas.

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