6 Easy Swaps for Creating a More Sustainable Kitchen

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Posted: 02/29/2020·

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Looking to make some eco friendly kitchen swaps? Here are 6 easy tips for creating a sustainable kitchen!

6 Easy Swaps for Creating a More Sustainable Kitchen

  1. Use glass storage containers!
  2. Remember your reusable bags.
  3. Buy in bulk and BYOC.
  4. Pack a smarter lunch.
  5. Ditch single use paper and plastic products.
  6. Use green cleaning products.

Glass Storage Containers

Using glass storage containers in your home is a great way to skip the use of plastics and single use products. Especially if you follow tip number three! I love having copious amounts of glass storage containers and jars to store my granola and cereals, baking goods, and other miscellaneous items!

Reusable Food Storage Bags

I have a little box in the back of my car where I store a slew of things like dry shampoo, tape, scissors, and a few reusable grocery bags. After putting this dedicated box in my trunk, it is soooo much easier for me to remember my reusable grocery bags!

I love the convenience of knowing that I have storage bags in my care at all times! This has proven itself a number of times during unplanned grocery runs and other things like gym visits or shopping trips.

To be perfectly honest, It helps when you have cute bags that you love using! Here are some of my favorites!

Buying in bulk, and bringing your own container!

To be incredibly sustainable and cut back on waste, bring your own glass storage jars and containers with you to the grocery store! You can buy bulk flours, nuts, and cereals at places like WinCo, Whole Foods, and other food co-ops.

If that’s a little too far for you to take sustainability, you can easily skip the plastic produce bags! I stopped using these years ago! I just throw everything in my cart; however, you can bring your own produce and bread bags to the grocery store with you! It’s all in the little things!

Pack a smarter lunch!

If you pack a daily lunch, try to use as many reusable products as possible! Bento boxes, glass containers, reusable lunch sacks, glass or aluminum water or juice bottles, and reusable sandwich wraps and utensils are all great options!

Ditch single use plastic and paper products.

Single use products add up when used every day! Imagine if you cut out one single things such as plastic baggies or paper towels? These are both so easy to switch out by using cotton or linen towels to dry hands, dishes, and clean up spills. Plus you’ll save money by not purchasing ziplock bags or paper towels!

Other simple swaps include: plastic water bottles, daily coffee runs (bring your own mug if you purchase coffee), and plastic wrap alternatives (silicone stretch lids or beeswax wraps)!

Girl in kitchen with reusable kitchen bag!

Go for green cleaning products!

If you’re looking for the best dish soap or dishwashing soap, I love both 7th Generation (rated really great from the EWG) and Castile Soap. I use 7th Generation soap and rinse aid for my dishwasher, and Castile soap for our hand soap and hand washed items. I also recommend switching to a compostable sponge such as a cellulose or loofa sponge! Learn more about my favorite green cleaning products and how to green clean your home!

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What is Castile soap?

I hope you enjoyed learning about these easy swaps you can make to create a more sustainable kitchen! If you love any of these items, be sure to let me know how they’ve helped you be a little more eco-friendly in the kitchen!

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