The Easiest Homemade Grout Cleaner to Make your White Grout Shine!

Make your own homemade grout cleaner with just two all-natural ingredients! This simple grout cleaner is amazing for white grout and to clean dirty tile floors naturally!

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All-natural homemade grout cleaner to green clean your home! #greencleaning #naturalcleaning

Homemade Grout Cleaner

If you’re wondering how to make your own homemade grout cleaner or what the best homemade grout cleaner is, you’re in luck! I have a wonderful and simple homemade grout cleaner recipe for you that I think you’re going to fall in love with!

To make this homemade grout cleaner, you only need a few ingredients: baking soda, Castile soap, and a stiff bristle brush.

This homemade grout cleaner is wonderful for tile floors that have become stained with dirt and everyday spills. It also works wonderfully on kitchen tile and bathroom tile.

Keep in mind this grout cleaner removes surface stains wonderfully, but isn’t 100% effective at removing mineral stains or stains that have seeped deep into the grout. For that, you’ll probably need something a little more caustic.

All-natural homemade grout cleaner to green clean your home! #greencleaning #naturalcleaning

You might have heard of some homemade grout cleaning recipes that call for lemon juice, peroxide, bleach, or Borax, but this recipe skips all of those ingredients and only calls for baking soda and Castile soap!!

This homemade grout cleaner is so effective, I couldn’t believe it as it removed coffee stains and dirt from our kitchen tile flooring. I was amazed as the dirty grout became white once again! It almost seemed too good to be true, but the proof was on the floor.

I am so excited to share this homemade grout cleaner with you because it is so simple and is 100% eco-friendly!

Homemade Grout Cleaner with Baking Soda

Baking soda is an amazing cleaning agent that can be used in so many different ways! I love mixing it with Castile soap to create an abrasive cleaning solution that is wonderful for removing surface stains. The baking soda creates an abrasion that helps remove stubborn stains and brightens white surfaces while it works!

In fact, I love using this combination to clean my white porcelain sink! Anytime I notice surface stains from coffee or tomato sauce, I use this mixture to scrub away the stains. It works magically before my eyes every time, and it has become one of my favorite ways to green clean surfaces that have acquired stains from food!

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All-natural homemade grout cleaner to green clean your home! #greencleaning #naturalcleaning

How to Make Homemade Grout Cleaner


  • Glass Dispenser or Mason Jar

  • Baking Soda

  • Castile Soap

  • Coarse Bristle Brush


  1. Sprinkle baking soda over the grout lines as if you are sprinkling powdered sugar over a cake.

  2. Combine 3 cups water with 1/2 cup Castile soap in a mason jar or glass dispenser. Shake gently to combine, but not hard enough to create bubbles.

  3. Drizzle the diluted Castile soap over the areas of the tile covered in baking soda (as if you are drizzling a scone with glaze).

  4. Scour the dirty grout with a coarse bristle brush using quite a bit of elbow grease. You may need to repeat scrubbing a few times over especially dirty areas. You should see the baking soda and Castile soap reacting as if to form a thick paste. If the paste dries out or becomes too thick, just add a little water over the top and repeat the scrubbing process.

  5. Remove the paste residue by wiping up the freshly cleaned tile area with a wet rag. You will find that it takes a few rinses before the paste is gone, but do so quickly so that the dirty residue doesn’t dry into the tile. If you notice a build-up that cannot be removed with water, wait until the area is completely dry, then rinse with a diluted water:vinegar solution (about 1/2 cup vinegar in a few cups water).

Note: If you have leftover diluted Castile soap in your mason jar, save this for future cleaning purposes!

All-natural homemade grout cleaner to green clean your home! #greencleaning #naturalcleaning