An easy edible gift for a handmade holiday: Spiced Cranberry Jam

Without really realizing it, I’ve become a real lobbyist for the handmade. Once a shopping addict, it’s truly strange for me to not have bought a single thing on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Who have I become? Talk about betrayal. 

Just two years ago I planned out my Cyber Monday more meticulously than I planned out my wedding. My printed spreadsheets calculated how much time I could spend on each site before moving on to the next – JCrew, Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdales. Like a junkie with a needle in my arm, I hit up every department store on Fifth Avenue all while in my pajamas. I checked everyone off my list, and by the end of the day I came crawling out of my bedroom with red eyes and carpal tunnel. 

So this year, to have not bought a single thing – that’s either impressive or alarming.

Rather than shopping, I spent some time in the kitchen making a batch of cranberry jelly, bath salts, and pumpkin spice bars (named: “Delicious Crumble Bars” by Greg). And while the pumpkin bars were eaten before I could stop it from happening, the cranberry jam and Epsom salts were bottled up and given as gifts. 

So maybe you don’t like the idea of giving something handmade as a gift. I won’t try to convert you, but I will suggest: food. Everyone loves food. Especially food with sugar. Especially food that goes well with cookies or donuts or turkey or a spoon… 

Today I’m sharing my spiced cranberry jam recipe over on Your Homebased Mom as a part of her Bake Craft Sew Handmade Holiday series. There are so many ideas, if cranberries aren’t your thing, just add more sugar, no seriously, if cranberries aren’t your thing, I know you will find something delicious to make and pass on to neighbors and friends this holiday season. 


adapted from Ball’s “Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce”



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