How to Plant: Stunning Flower Pot Ideas for Summer

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Posted: 06/03/2019·

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Follow this simple formula to create beautiful summer flower pots! These easy tips will help you create flower pots for your front porch and provide you with large flower pot ideas!

If you want to plant beautiful flower pots this summer, you will really enjoy these ideas for any type of flowers. You’ll learn how to plant a beautiful floral arrangement for your summer flower planters!

Gorgeous flower pots on a farmhouse porch with white flowers and lavender.

Flower Pot Ideas for Summer

Every year I look forward to planting my summer flowers. For nearly the past 10 years it has been one of my very favorite times of the year. Living in a colder climate means that winters create a very bare landscape, and when spring arrives, it’s a huge breath of fresh air to begin seeing everything come to life around me.

I have developed a bit of a system when it comes to planting my summer flower pots, and I thought I might share it with you today to inspire you this season!

Gorgeous flower pots on a farmhouse porch with white flowers and lavender.

How to Plant A Summer Flower Pot

  1. Start with 1 tall growing statement flower. This can be a large Hydrangea, Dahlia, Geranium, tall flowering plant, or even a wispy grass variety. Plant this in the center of the pot (towards the back center if the flower pot will sit against a wall), make sure the pot is about double the diameter of this plant allowing for the addition of other plants at the base.
  2. Plant 3-4 accent flowers or plants at the base of your statement flower (one directly in front & back, and one to either side of the large plant). Try a young lavender plant, begonia, or geranium. You want these plants to be about half the height of the statement plant.
  3. Finish off the summer flower pot by adding small flowering plants or greenery in the sparse areas of the flower pot (generally in-between the 3 accent plants). I love using trailing plants and ground cover here so that as it grows, the flowers drape over the pot. Verbena, Bacopa, and Lobelia are all great options!
  4. Water well and feed as needed. Enjoy your summer flower pot all season long!
Gorgeous summer flower pots on a farmhouse porch with white flowers and lavender.

Tips for Keeping Flower Summer Pots Beautiful All Season

  1. Make sure to feed a few times throughout the season with appropriate plant food. This makes a huge difference in the abundance of your flowers! However, avoid over feeding or feeding an incorrect plant food for the flower variety in the pot.
  2. Dead head as the plants blossom. Once the plants have put on their show, pinch off the dead flower to encourage the plant to continue to produce!
  3. Water appropriately! Under-watering and over-watering are detrimental to plant health. If you are going on vacation, you can use self watering tools to make sure your plant drinks while you are gone.
  4. Select the correct planter. Be sure to check the plant information tag to determine how large of a planter you’ll need. Remember, plants grow! So selecting a flower pot that allows growth is important. Also, be sure that the planter has adequate drainage for the plants (you can always drill a hole in the bottom if needed).

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  1. Hi!
    I have searched all the flowers am at a loss for the look you have in these two pots. I have no green thumb! Could you tell me the combinations you have in each pot?

    • Lovely work I do pots as well artist based in Kenya but am looking for work abroad my work painting and pots

  2. Love the dolly pots and what you did with them. Any suggestions for who sells the dolly pots? Thank you.

  3. Love all of your designs. Can you please tell me where you got the Large metal ribbed flower pots With the lavender and roses in them on your porch?
    Thank you

    • I wish I could offer a source – they are vintage dolly tubs, the best place to look would be vintage French dealers or antiques warehouses in your area. You may also find some on eBay :)

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! Do you mind sharing the dimensions of your dolly tubs? I am hoping to find something similar in size.

    • Hi Amanda! They’re about 30″-36″ tall and 18″ in diameter – maybe a little bigger. I think most of them will be about the same in size, at least what I’ve seen when I go antiquing. Happy hunting :) hope you find something fab!!!

  5. This was all lovely to look at and it made me smile.Thank for the positive feelings. It is even more important and liked in these hard times. Thanks again and please keep me up to date. All the best,Michele Motulsky

  6. Super late to the party here but it’s currently Summer in Australia and I just LOVE this. I’ve been experimenting with mixing flowers in pots and ready to do something a little bigger so this was perfect inspo – thanks!

    • Will you provide a list of flowers you used? I love the flower combinations. It looks like Lavender Topiary with white roses and white bacopa?

  7. What do you do with the hydrangea after you are done with it in the pot? Does it keep over winter in the pot? I will run out of garden space soon

  8. SO beautiful! Can you share information about your front door? what wood species is it and what stain/sealer did you use? Thanks!!!!

  9. Love your pots Chloe – especially that antique "dolly" that they are planted in!! I’ve been looking for two more of those for my own patio!!

    Happy Summer to you sweet friend!