Out with the old and in with the…old? The 2020 interior design trends feature texture, color, and lots of pattern!

Cement fireplace with rustic wood mantel

With 2020 in full swing, I wanted to share some of the interior design trends I am seeing pop up! After coming back from the Las Vegas winter market and seeing some of the newest products, and seeing a few repetitive styles continue to surface on social media, I have noticed quite a few trends that I think will take center stage this year!

Some of these trends are not necessarily trends, because they’re actually quite timeless, including the use of vintage items, earthy color palettes, and texture! Here’s what I predict will be big this year!

Vintage Accents

I’ve always adored incorporating vintage items into my home. There’s something about tying the old in with the new that is so special.This oak dresser is one of my husband’s grandmothers. Buying vintage or antique items not only reuses old items that would go to waste, but also carries on traditions, stories, and adds character to a room.

shop vintage farmhouse decor

“Buying vintage or antique items not only reuses old items that would go to waste, but also carries on traditions, stories, and adds character to a room.”

Kitchen banquette with wood chairs and black frame windows

Wood Everything.

I am seeing a major shift in the all white movement and am seeing wood tones used throughout homes, especially in kitchens! In a kitchen, it’s important to be very selective with wood species (I love white oak), and stain color and finish. Go for something with minimal yellow/red undertones and opt for a matte finish. Wood beams are another great way to add in wood to your home! This kitchen by Jennifer Robins is perfection!

design by Jennifer Robins | architecture by Amy Alper | photo by John Merkl via Elle Decor

Cane & Rattan Accents

We started seeing more cane accents last year, but this is a classic and timeless look that isn’t going anywhere! I think this will be one of the big 2020 trends! Cane instantly adds texture and warmth to a room and makes the whole space feel kissed by nature.

Wallpaper background in kitchen vignette with floating shelves by Studio Mcgee


Wallpaper is making a big comeback! In fact a project manager on one of my current design projects said, “wall paper is in style again?” It sure is! Studio McGee has a darling wallpaper line to shop from if you’re hoping to hop on the wallpaper train this year!

design by studio mcgee

More color, and less white!

Say goodbye to all-white interiors and hello to adding bold color! I love seeing the moody colors pop up on social media. The key is to opt for a rich, muddy color that makes it feel more natural than colorful. This kitchen by LT Interiors is amazing, you’ve gotta check out their instagram for more inspo, it’s all SO good!

design by LT Interiors | photo by Michelle Johnson

Monochromatic & Earthy Color Palettes

I love the cozy monochromatic and Earthy color palettes that are trending in 2020. A nod to nature, these palettes focus on muted Earth tones that play off of each other. This mud room by Kate Marker Interiors is perfect in every way: color, texture, pattern…but did we expect anything less!? Follow along with my progress as I update my own living room to have a more earthy and cozy feel.

design by Kate Marker Interiors | photo by Margaret Rajic

Vintage rugs are a wonderful way to add texture, color, and character!

Stack of Vintage Rugs #vintagerugs

Entryway with Patterned tile and vintage rug by Anderson Wier Studio

Pattern & Texture

Pattern & texture are nothing new, but they are definitely not going away in 2020. The use of various patterns and multi-textural accents is a beautiful way to make any space feel layered and luxe! Anderson Wier Studio nails it with the patterned tile, rich wood tones, and lovely vintage rug!

design by Anderson Wier Studio | photo and styling by Stylish Productions

Reeded Glass

I am seeing reeded glass pop up in everything from cabinetry, doors, light fixtures, and home accessories! I predict this being a big trend this year!

Amuneal Kitchens


We started seeing this trend last year with the emergence of the “sherpa sweater” – now, it’s transitioning into homewares left and right! While I think this trend is beautiful, I can’t imagine cleaning boucle chairs!

pictured: Theo Armchair from Amber Interiors

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