A chemical free way to keep clothes fresh with DIY lavender herb sachets.

My family is very french (on my dad’s side), a lot of them still live in France, and many of my relatives are transplants. My grandfather and his brothers & sister immigrated to the US during WWII. They landed in San Fransico, and while my great uncle opened up a french bakery, my grandfather moved to Tahoe and became a builder.

My french roots are very strong, even my name ‘Chloe’ is representative of my french heritage. Actually, all of my family members have french names that give every Starbucks barista a run for their money: Yvette, Jean-Pierre, Jean-Jacques… You get the point, the only hope I have is referencing Khloe Kardash, spelled with a C.

My aunt is very diligent about teaching my sister and I all of the french traditions that her aunt taught her. For example, the strange strawberry face cream made with crushed berries & borax (which she swears by, and must be kept in the refrigerator). She also is a big promoter of these herb sachets, she loves collecting lavender stems and weaving ribbons into them to place in your underpants drawer.

When I had some left over lavender & dried rosemary, making herb sachets came to mind. I used linen because I wanted to be fancy, and it’s what I had on hand, but you can use any kind of fabric you’d like. Simply cut, serge, fill, and sew! These smell so much better than the Trader Joe’s dryer packs – actually, after doing a side by side smell test, TJ’s version doesn’t even smell like lavender. Like, at all.

If you’d like to make your own, click over to Darling Magazine where I am sharing the full steps! Looking for another DIY project? Learn how to make homemade rice heating pads!

Thank you my amazing friend Rachael L’Atigua for the photos! I miss having you here!


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