An Ongoing List of My Favorite Beauty Products and Tools

July 25, 2019

Looking for some of my tried and true beauty favorites? Here are my top rated products that I am currently using in my daily beauty routine!

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Looking for some of my tried and true beauty favorites? Here are my top rated products that I am currently using in my daily beauty routine!


Creaseless Concealer | Kosas pressed blush & creme bronzer | Dew Skin


I do not have acne prone or sensitive skin, so I like to use a gentle cleanser every day. I really really really love Lylah Lender’s skin cleansing bars, the activated charcoal is my favorite!

makeup removing wipes | activated charcoal cleansing bar | gentle face cleanser

Anti Aging

These ingredients (Vit C&E with Ferulic Acid and Retinol) are really the only proven things to actually erase and prevent signs of aging.


marie véronique (#1 Fave) | differin gel (pure Retinoid)

Hydration & Moisturization

I use more serums and oils than moisturizers. I apply sunscreen every morning, and use the Cloud at night if I need extra moisturization. I use the Aqua Honey Glow and Vitamin C Serum under my makeup each morning.


Aqua Honey Glow (I use as a makeup primer) | Cloud (#1 Fave) | vitamin C serum (#1 Fave) | sunscreen

serums and oils

I love using a variety of serums and oils. I have marked my #1 favorites below (where the links are). I really love the Treatment Oil from Marie Veronique and the Purify Serum from Aster and Bay. I also love Lylah Lender’s luna oil!

argan oil (for hair and face!) | hyaluronic acid | pure rose hip seed oil | amino acids | Treatment Oil (#1 Fave) | Purify Serum (#1 Fave) | Glass Skin

Toning / Tonics & Acne Treatments

I use toners once or twice a week, the glycolic toner is wonderful, but shouldn’t be used very frequently as it is 7%, I use once or twice a week when I need extra exfoliation. Be sure to wear sunscreen when using Glycolic.

When I do get a breakout, I always turn to Mario Badescu, these products seriously work like magic! They dry out the area though, so I make sure to moisturize extra!

glycolic toner (use minimally, read more here) | balancing hypotonic | drying lotion (magically rids of pimples) | silver powder (shrinks / clear pores)


The Konjac sponges are something I just started using, and I absolutely love them! They gently exfoliate and get rid of makeup. I just rinse it out and let it dry when I am finished! I also love these waffle knit washcloths to remove any extra debris and exfoliate.

My friend Tara told me about this micro needler when we share her Amazon favorites! I purchased it from her list and love it! It definitely plumps the skin!


konjac sponges | micro needle roller | waffle knit makeup removing cloths

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