Looking for some new amazing skincare or makeup products to try? Here are some of my most favorite things that I use to keep my skin looking and feeling its best!

Learn all about my current skin routine from morning and night. If you’re looking for the best anti-aging products I have an entire post all about it!

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Morning Routine

I like to keep it simple

In the morning, I keep it simple and skip a cleanser and just use water. I like to add my vitamin C serum, sunscreen, and if I feel like I need a little boost, I use some cream or oil. Right now I am loving MV’s treatment oil and Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. Sometimes, sticking to a morning and evening routine while traveling can be hard but there are some necessities I always travel with, especially Vitamin C.

Evening Routine

Cleansers & nighttime products I love

To rid my skin of makeup, I use a gentle cleanser – I really love Lylah Lender’s goat’s milk cleansing bars. The rosemary or charcoal is my favorite.

After cleansing I either use a retinol, exfoliant (lactic acid or glycolic acid), or let my skin rest by just using nourishing oils.

Example Evening Routine

monday: exfoliant (lactic or glycolic)
tuesday: retinol
wednesday: nourishing oils
Repeating the cycle every three days to keep my skin on its toes when it comes to product, yet keeping a routine!


For my exfoliant, I like the Biologique Recherche Lotion p50, it is a cult product that really lives up to the hype. You can order it from this shop, but have to first create an account. Like I said, cult product.

Sunday Riley’s Lactic Acid is also ammmmazing! I have had good results with The Ordinary’s Glycolic as well, but it’s a bit intense if you’ve never used glycolic before, go for something more gentle.


You can read more about retinol here. If you’ve never used retinol before, you may experience a reaction such as: breaking out, dryness, flaking, etc… This is totally normal, and unfortunately just part of your skin getting used to it. Stick with it! Try a gentle retinoid if it’s unbearable!

A good starting option is The Ordinary’s .5% Retinol. If that is too harsh, try their 2% RetinOID (which is more gentle than RetinOL).

“Be careful how often you exfoliate the skin, you don’t want to over-do it. Three times per week is great.”

Extra Credit

These are the products I use to add a little more moisture, clear blemished, etc…

In addition to the retinol or exfoliant, I also occasionally use a derma roller and additional nourishing oils. Some of my favorites are The Ordinary’s B5+Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acid, and Rose Hip Seed Oil. When mixing anything with an exfoliant or retinol, be sure that they aren’t going to react with each other. For example: don’t use an AHA/BHA with a retinol on the same night.

Skincare Tools

Great to have on hand

I have enjoyed using these sponges as a way to remove makeup at night, and love having a set of waffle wash cloths dedicated to makeup removing!

My friend Tara got me hooked on the derma roller! I use it on my “rest” nights with a nourishing oil!


For a natural look

Lately, I have really simplified my makeup routine! I have come to love Charlotte Tilbury products and have found I need to much less makeup than I used to! Perhaps due to a good skincare routine?

If I could only buy one product, it would be her Hollywood Flawless Filter! It’s amazing!

Foundation & Concealer

I typically only wear Hollywood Flawless Filter and a little concealer. They’re my hands down favorites. However, when I want a little more, I go with the Chanel Velvet foundation.

Blush & Bronzer



Finishing Touches

This powder changed my whole makeup game, couldn’t recommend it more. I also love the Pillow Talk lip color!

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