How to Make Non-Toxic Homemade Kitchen Cleaner

February 10, 2017

If you have oranges & vinegar, you can make this non-toxic homemade kitchen cleaner! 

How to Make Non-Toxic Homemade Kitchen Cleaner

I am the 4-H garden club leader here, and I have so much fun learning with the kids. It makes me slow down and really learn about the gardening process, something that I probably wouldn’t do without my official 4H title – I’m more of a trial and error kind of gal. So far, we’ve learned about companion planting, seed starting, and composting. I can’t wait to actually get our hands in the dirt! 

In an attempt to live a greener life, I have been using vinegar and essential oils in lieu of traditional countertop spray. I have loved it. I mean really, loved it! I don’t know why I didn’t make the switch earlier. It works just as well as my previous spray, and I know that I can make a sandwich right on the counter and not have to worry about eating bleach. 

At last month’s garden meeting, I bought a bag of Cuties for the kids to snack on as we learned about companion planting. I asked them to save their peels by placing them into a giant mason jar. By the end of the night we had filled two jugs up. They took turns filling the remaining space with vinegar, and afterwards, we placed a lid on top and set them aside. 

At the next meeting, we started by taking big whiffs of the vinegar mixture – which turned into a lovely orange smelling liquid. I had them help me pour the liquid through a strainer, and we discarded the disintegrating peels. 

I explained to them that the deep orange liquid was the concentrate mixture. When I asked them if they knew what that meant, they said, “yeah, like our teachers make us do!” Haha! I hadn’t even thought of the other meaning of concentrate. So I pulled out a can of pineapples and showed them what a concentrate mixture was. I am still not sure if they fully understood what I was talking about. 

I didn’t have any purified water on hand, so I had pre-boiled some water ahead of time. We passed the glass spray bottles around, and they filled them up half way with our concentrate mixture, and half way with water. At the end of the night, they were very excited to help me clean the kitchen table. 

Aside from being a fun project to make, our homemade kitchen cleaner works very well. It also causes the kitchen to have a wonderful citrus smell. I plan on using this method from here on out. Even though it takes a bit longer to make, it’s definitley worth it! 

Non-Toxic Homemade Kitchen Cleaner

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Step 1: Fill a 1/2 gallon mason jar halfway with peels and herbs. You can get creative here! Try rosemary and lemon, grapefruit and sage, or orange and thyme! 

Step 2: Fill the mason jar all the way with vinegar, and seal with a lid. 

Step 3: Allow the mixture to sit in a cool place for 2-4 weeks. It will look like a science project, but that’s okay! 

Step 4: Remove the lid and strain the mixture into a clean bowl or jar; you may need to do this a few times to remove all of the sediment. 

Step 5: Once all of the sediment is removed, pour the liquid into a large mason jar. This is your concentrate mixture

Step 6: To make the countertop spray, combine equal parts purified water and concentrate mixture in a reusable spray bottle. Enjoy cleaning with your homemade kitchen cleaner!  

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  1. This is such a great idea, Chloe! I’ve just pinned it for future reference and am going to try it out this weekend (the master bath needs a good scrubbing!). I’ll be sure to report back! :)