My dream home has 100 foot ceilings. Not really, but to me, that’s the dream. In reality, our home has low ceilings. 8 feet low to be exactSomething I’ve shed tears over (no joke). When we began dreaming up remodel plans, the only thing I really cared about was vaulting our low ceilings. I also cared a teensy little bit about the linoleum, and the old wood cabinets, and the gross counter tops. I also cared a little bit about the old windows with condensation in between the panes. 

So when I told our contractor my list of ‘needs’ (not to be confused with ‘wants‘)… He laughed at me. He didn’t laugh right in my face, but you could tell – there was. no. way. that my need list was getting checked off. 

So I contemplated selling the goats, then decided that since ripping our roof off and reestablishing the 8 foot lines was not in our budget, I would make the most of them. I’ve since dried my tears and come to terms that yes, low ceilings can look fantastic. Amber Interiors continues to knock it out of the park, just see below. 

Do you have low ceilings? How have you made the most of them?

Surrey Kitchens

The Generalist | Karen Cotton

Douglas Friedman | Elle Decor

Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design | Desire to Inspire

Helen Thompson In House | Ryann Ford | Kimberly Renner Design

The Inspired Room from Country Living

Amber Interiors | Tessa Neustadt 

Amber Interiors | Tessa Neustadt 

Amber Interiors | Tessa Neustadt | via MyDomaine

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    1. I am so sorry you had a negative experience, what browser are you using, I can take a deeper look. We are actually looking into a paid membership option that is completely ad free where you can access all of our content for a small monthly fee, is that something you would be interested in?

  2. I love the images you selected. Most homes in the West built before the 70s seem to have 8 foot ceilings it seems. So many of those homes getting remodeled by designers in California will likely have 8 foot ceilings, unless it is a tear-down. In the South, tall ceilings were necessary to move warm air upwards.

    Thank you for the inspiration!