Fall Porch Decorating with Pumpkins & Mums

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Posted: 10/18/2020·

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Get inspired to decorate your porch for fall with these simple ideas! Pumpkins & mums will make your porch come alive with the colors of fall!

Girl holding basket of pink mums on fall porch

Fall Porch Decor: Pumpkins & Mums

This year, I was bound and determined to decorate my porch for fall with pumpkins & mums.

If you happen to follow along on instagram, you might remember when my husband mistakenly brought me home Mumm sparking wine instead of mums! While I did thoroughly enjoy the Mumm, I was still set on finding some pretty mums (chrysanthemums) to decorate my porch for fall!

Girl sitting on porch with chickens on farmhouse porch with pumpkins

I have never been very attracted to mums! Actually, I have been quite averse to them in the past (I even talk about it in 2018 when I shared our fall porch!).

In year’s past, I have gravitated more towards leaves, apples, and greenery for my porch decor! For some reason, this year, mums were calling my name! I was excited to find some with a lovely rich pink color.

The pink felt just right with the various colors of pumpkins I already had on my porch. Funny story! One year, Greg thought my decorative pumpkins were faux, and stored them away for an entire year! Needless to say, the following year we had quite the mess on our hands when we broke out the “fall decor box” filled with rotted pumpkins!!

Pumpkins & pink mums on farmhouse porch decorated for fall

Pumpkin Tip

I love mixing and matching various colors to create a layered look! Rich greens, deep oranges, and pastel colors are much more interesting than a typical jack-o-lantern style pumpkin!

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Basket of pink mums and pumpkins on farmhouse porch

When decorating anything, layers are the key to making the space feel well…layered! For seasonal decorating, I love mixing natural materials such as pumpkins, pine cones, grasses, flowers, and branches.

I try to stay away from faux elements. And instead opt for dried wreaths or grasses, which make for great decor that can be used year after year!

pretty dried wreaths

Girl holding basket of pink mums on fall porch

pretty fall doormats

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