DIY Coconut Butter Body Scrub with Essentail Oils

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Posted: 07/26/2016·

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This DIY Coconut Butter recipe stemmed from two years ago (nearly to the day), when my neighbor passed away from melanoma. Her passing has forever changed my stance on sun care. Greg’s dad is an oncologist – and even his warnings against sun didn’t cause me to change my sun-loving ways. It wasn’t until Elisa passed away from cancer that I decided that sunscreen wasn’t ever an option again.

This year I have gotten two bad sunburns. Yikes – I am generally vigilant against the sun, but have allowed myself to burn. Sort of like eating a cupcake, I need to accept the mistake and move on, but the ramifications of my burns haven’t yet faded away. My skin is dry, and peeling, and it’s not a cute look.

Earlier this year, Danika of Oak & Ashland mentored me in the scrub department, and this recipe is a very loose variation of her perfected recipe mixed with my tried and true Lavender Scrub.

I love using this easy scrub in the shower to slough away dead skin, and to remove last week’s spray tan. I am an avid user of spray tan – if I can’t have a cupcake, I might as well indulge in Stevia (to me – spray tan is sunshine as stevia is to sugar).

My closest next-door neighbor (who lives 10 miles down the road) came over with a few  friends, and we spent the afternoon making a giant batch of this scrub. The house smelled amazing, but more so, it sounded amazing. The combined laughter of all of us coming together was invigorating.

You can pick up the full recipe over on Darling’s blog – where I contribute to monthly. As always, thank you so much for being here, I continue to be humbled by your support of my site, please know it doesn’t go unnoticed.

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