Where to buy Vintage Area rugs

October 2, 2017

Vintage area rugs add timeless character to a room. Here’s where to buy vintage area rugs that are truly aged, plus a few replicas for good measure.


Vintage area rugs are inherently timeless – they have already stood the test of time, and are making their way back into contemporary design. These rugs are incredibly durable due to the traditional weaving methods used by the tribes that created the rugs many years ago, and will continue to age beautifully. 

I am currently searching for a set of beautiful vintage runners for our hallway, which is one of the reasons this blog post was born. I am a huge fan of white everything, but I am drawn to the colorful patterns of vintage Persian rugs. These handmade textiles are like art for the floor, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. They are a wonderful way to add color to a space that can easily be swapped out down the road when your tastes change. One of the great things about investing in a vintage area rug: it can always be resold in a few years. So have fun experimenting with different patterns and colors! 

Amber Interiors

When searching for vintage or antique area rugs, it’s important to know that in rug terms vintage is anywhere between 1920-1970, and antique is any time prior to 1920. This can help narrow down your search if you are on the hunt for a particular style. There are many different styles of vintage area rugs including: Turkish, Persian, and Moroccan.

Moroccan rugs can be broken down into: Beni Ourain, Berber, and Cactus Silk. We most commonly see Berber and Beni Ourain. Beni Ourain (a subset of Berber) and Berber rugs are made of wool from different Moroccan tribes. There are 17 tribes in Morocco that create Beni Ourain rugs, these rugs are known for their simple patterns and neutral colors,  and can be incorporated into modern design very easily. If you aren’t ready to add color to the space, investing in a vintage Beni Ourain is a great option. 

Vintage Persian rugs are generally handwoven, dyed using natural dyes, and are grouped into what is called Kilim Rugs. They are known for their bold patterns and intricate designs. Persian rugs are made with a single knot technique and often have oriental, elegant, and round designs with a medallion in the center. Whereas Turkish rugs (which are very similar to Persian rugs) are woven with a double knot technique. Most Turkish rugs are woven with straight, geometric designs that feature tribal and meaningful motifs. 

I have spent countless hours looking at vintage rugs for our home, and have found a few sites that are full of really beautiful options. From neutral to colorful, you will have no problem finding the perfect rug for your home. 

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Etsy: Woven in Vintage

Lance Putnam opened Woven in Vintage after working for an interior design firm in Greenville, South Carolina. You can find vintage Persian, Moroccan, and Turkish area rugs at really wonderful prices!

ETSY: Beniourain carpets 

Beni Ourain rugs are known for their neutral color palettes and beautiful geometrics designs. They are a subset of Berber rugs and are handmade in Morocco. They are very fluffy and soft, and this Etsy shop has a really great selection of them!

other great etsy SHOPS selling vintage area rugs

Old Vin Shop | Angel Rug Store | Safran Carpet

loom & kiln

Loom & Kiln is based out of Utah and offers not only vintage area rugs, but beautiful ceramics, art, and decor pieces from around the globe. Hannah, the owner also has a beautiful instagram account!

frances loom  

Kelly Vittengl is a London based interior designer with a passion for well-loved pieces. She opened France Loom in 2004, and continues to scour flea markets for beautiful vintage rugs. France Loom pieces are cleaned and mended before being offered for sale, so you’re sure to receive a product that is fit for your home. Kelly has an awesome instagram as well, new rugs added every Thursday 11 am EST. 

Kilim Studio

Based in New Jersey as well as Turkey, Kilim offers area rugs at really great prices.

You can find vintage, antique, and replica rugs here!

• vintage • 

• replicas • 

• vintage inspired REPLICAS • 

If your budget doesn’t allow for truly vintage, or if you’re in search of a specific size rug, try one of these vintage inspired area rugs!

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  1. Thanks Chloe for this great post. It says it All. One thing that is important to keep in mind though are the people, most likely women, who make the rugs.
    Many resellers only pay the artisans the price of the materials to make the rug, so unfortunately not even enough for an artisan to feed their family.
    So when bargaining with resellers, do specifically ask who made it and where it was made. If they stutter, walk away.
    Another tip is to ask two separate people in the shop the same question and see if you get difference answers.
    There are some, but unfortunately few, resellers who truly take care of the artisans they source from so do your best to find these resellers.
    Of course, you can avoid all of this by using websites like Craftic.net which collects the products directly from artisans for a quite fair price, and the final cost is much lower than what you can get in in online or even local stores.
    With sites like these, you can get a great item with a greater price while ensuring the artisan was paid properly.
    Hope this helps!;)

    • Thank heaven for HomeGoods!!!! Seriously – where else can you buy pasta, cupcake mix, a rug, a new dress, and an iPhone charger all in once place??? Some of my favorite rugs from home goods are actually bathroom mats that were $16!!!!